Jaya Shivani
Sexuality & Intimacy Coach

Jaya has been interested in the deeper meaning of sexuality and conscious relationships since her early twenties, however she started her journey into studying this in the spring of 2010. The first three years she spent learning about sexology around the world and dived into the ancient eastern teachings about sexuality, amongst them the traditions of Indian Tantra and Chinese Taoism. From 2013 Jaya started working as a Sexuality and Intimacy Coach and quickly became one of Estonia’s most known experts in that area, with an impressive clients list from people around the world. With her client list including celebrities, CEO’s and Royalty. ​

Over the years, Jaya has worked with hundreds of men and women helping them to heal and balance their sexuality and bringing people’s relationships into the next level. The last 3 years she has taught many workshops in different countries around the world, including Bali, India, Russia, Latvia and Estonia, and has been featured in Estonian magazines and television several times. For 1 and a half years Jaya also ran a monthly blog in a Women’s Health and Awareness magazine “Sensa”. She has a wide area of experience in different things, amongst them nutrition, yoga and many alternative medicines from around the world.

Jaya brings the knowledge from the eastern teachings and her experiences into the western world making it accessible for everyone, no matter what their religious or spiritual background is.

For the last 10 years Jaya has been very passionate about a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which she believes allows us to bring better quality into our every day life.


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