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Here at CP medical clinic, our patients health and well being is at the forefront of what we do, that’s why the selection process for all our general practitioners are rigorous and thorough, ensuring our patients receive the best treatment, advice and aftercare.

Our GP’s have been selected for a multiple of reasons, some of which are listed below. 

Our doctors are regularly assessed for their competencies and are members of regulatory medical professional organisations, such as the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Royal College of Surgeons, just to name a few.

All our doctors hold positions of responsibility within their designated specialties elsewhere, however are keen to demonstrate their medical professionalism in our private clinical setting the heart of Chelsea.

Our doctors pride themselves on placing your medical needs above all else. You can be assured that whatever the doctors advice you to do, or what ever course of action they suggest, will be carried out at your convenience.

All choices for treatments and tests will be based on informed consent, where you the patient will have a choice to say “yes” or “no” knowing full well that the doctor in front of you has made their suggestion based on their professional medical opinion and judgement, with your best interests at heart.

The Patient must always come first within any medical setting, here at CP we ensure this is our top priority. We need you to feel that you have been looked after, that you feel comfortable and most importantly, have a better understanding of your health and well being.

One of the fundamental reasons why our doctors have a desire to practice private medicine is because it allows them to give the patient their uninterrupted time, dedication and attention. We feel this allows them to make a much more informed diagnosis all because of their ability to take their time and use their professional medical skills in a none rushed environment.

We understand it can be difficult sometimes to fit your health into a busy lifestyle, that’s why understanding patient convenience is also a key focus at CP medical clinic. Our doctors have the ability to call for x-rays, scans, blood tests within a maximum of 24 hours ,ensuring all patients needs are met efficiently and treatment options can be recommended as soon as possible.

This saves you, the patient, not only time and money but more importantly in many cases , your health and quality of life.

Strong communication skills within a clinic are paramount to ensuring each practitioner has a good understanding of their schedules, and more importantly, their patients schedules.

Here at Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic we pride ourselves on the fact that all our clinicians are very approachable, communicative and possess excellent listening skills.

You will find our practitioners eager to understand you, keen to encourage you to share more information if it helps, and always willing to take into full consideration all your concerns and problems.

We also understand that sometimes complex medical notes can seem a little daunting and to some. a different language entirely, that’s why we ensure our practitioners have the ability to explain your diagnosis in a simpler way so that you are able to fully understand the situation, no matter how serious it may or may not be.

Our doctors are here for you, for your health, well being and want nothing more than having a positive involvement in your healthcare needs.

Our General Practitioner Doctors

To meet one of our GPs, please view the appointments page here

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