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At CP medical clinic, all our services are done in a discreet and sensitive manner, by professionals who really do care about your health.

From Aesthetic medicine to Podiatry, from Specialist consultants to Pharmacists, we have close links with many of the private hospitals in the area ensuring that specialist consultation or any further diagnostics can be done speedily and efficiently at a time and place that suits you.

We take pride in our service levels and will always endeavour to ensure all your health matters are dealt with professionally and timely, and that is why we always welcome feedback both positive and negative, to ensure our service is of the highest standard possible.

Take a further look into all our medical services and contact us today to book your appointment.

A traditional evidence based practice, We have two practitioners who between them cover multiple areas of acupuncture treatment and have many years experience.
Our Aesthetic clinic is lead by Doctors who are highly regarded and respected. Our motto is "Less is More", and we use this to deliver perfect results every time.
We have one practitioner who is qualified in both of these disciplines. Functional medicine is very big in the USA & is now making waves in the UK.
Walk in & pre-bookable GP services are available 7 days a week between 4pm - 9pm daily. We are also available for home visits. All our GP's are experienced & dedicated to patient care.
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Hypnosis works by relaxing both the body and mind to a safe and natural level to allow direct communication with the subconscious mind.
Come and discover the variety of skin treatments here at CP medical clinic. Our experienced skin experts will find the best solution and treatments personalised for you.
We have two in house nutritionists who have a wealth of experience between them covering medical issues such as digestion, obesity, tiredness, irritable bowel syndrome and many others.
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Healthy joints are extremely important to us, allowing us to do the basic bodily moves. Our experienced orthopaedic specialists can offer you tailored advice and treatment.
Osteopaths use touch, physical manipulation, stretching and massage to increase the mobility of joints, relieve muscle tension and to enhance the blood and nerve supply to tissues.
Our consultant paediatrician holds a regular clinic every Wednesday from 12pm-4pm, & is also available by appointment. We are the only walk in Paediatric clinic in the area.
Our Pharmacy & Medical clinic are both situated on the same premises. Pharmacists and a wide range of pharmacy products are continually available 7 days a week up to 9.30pm.
Our Podiatrist Ms Alaa Razak is a very experienced and well respected podiatrist. She is available 6 days a week for all your foot, ankle and gait issues, and can also do home visits.
Another specialised area of medicine, our consultant is a specialist in mental health issues with particular specialisation in ADHD amongst children and adults.
Our weekend clinic is open until 9pm Fridays and Saturdays, 8pm Sundays with full walk-in GP services available as well as same day medical consultant appointments.
Sexology covers many different fields such as Psychology, Biology, medicine, gender studies and more. Many people may use a sexuality and intimacy coach to try and gain themselves a healthier and happier sex life.
Our sexual health clinic is very private and confidential , available 7 days a week. We can test for all types of STD's including HIV, with results for many tests available within a few hours.
Many of us now live a more active & fit lifestyle which can result in injury, aches & pains. Our GP's & Podiatrist can see all of your issues & refer you to a specialist as and when necessary.
Our travel clinic is open 7 days a week & is operated by doctors & pharmacists. It's good to ensure that immunisations are up to date & that all preventative medicine has been prescribed.
No matter what age we are , it is always a good idea to have regular health screens by the GP so that any medical conditions can be picked up early and prevented rather than cured.