About Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic

Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic offers a range of diverse medical services in a modern clinical setting, delivered by medical professionals who really do care.

The clinic is set up to meet the needs of the patients, which is why our clinic is open 7 days a week till 9PM (8pm on Sundays)

Please view some more information below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic is a purpose built clinic, situated in the heart of Chelsea, on Sloane Avenue.

Having an integrated pharmacy and medical clinic with onsite professionally trained staff and clinicians, allows our patients to experience a personal and hassle-free service with added ease of accessibility.

What makes us stand out against other medical clinics in the area is that our clinical services are available until 9.00pm, ensuring that everyone has access to a private doctor and GP services until late. Our integrated pharmacy situated above the clinic is also open until 9.30pm, designed to fit into the busy lifestyle of the residents and tourists within the Chelsea area.

Accessibility, convenience, and service are the main factors which distinguishes CP medical clinic, with the GP service operating as a walk in or a pre-bookable service.

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From Aesthetic medicine to Podiatry, from Specialist consultants to Pharmacists, we have close links with many of the private hospitals in the area ensuring that specialist consultation or any further diagnostics can be done speedily and efficiently at a time and place that suits you.

We take pride in our service levels and will always endeavor to ensure all your health matters are dealt with professionally and timely, and that is why we always welcome feedback both positive and negative, to ensure our service is of the highest standard possible.

Take a further look into all our medical services and contact us today to book your appointment.

Whether you require a consultant, a doctor, a nutritionist or any other health care professional, you will find them dedicated and flexible enough to fit into your busy lifestyle here at CP Medical Clinic.

You will notice we have various different clinicians and specialists for a wide range of medical services, ensuring that all of your needs are met. You can view the clinicians that work in our clinic here.

For patient convenience we have created an online appointment system here which allows you to select your preferred dates and the medical service you require.

Here at Chelsea pharmacy medical clinic our ethos put quite simply is “you”. We pride ourselves on the fact that our very foundation is built on customer satisfaction, we need you to feel that you have received the best treatment, advice and service, and leave your appointment feeling well cared for.

All our clinicians and healthcare professionals share the same vision and moral ethical attitude which is that “the patient always comes first”.

Where a treatment may not be suitable, you will be advised, when you require further medical care which isn’t available at the clinic it will be arranged, and when you express a desire to see a particular clinician only, your choice and wish will be respected and catered for.

Our clinicians care, not because they have to, but because it’s in their nature to, and that’s what makes us such a caring and effective team.

Take a further look into all our medical services and contact us today to book your appointment.

CP Medical Clinic – where your health comes first.

Our fees are very transparent and before any necessary procedure is carried out you will always be informed of any additional choices and will ultimately have the right to choose if you wish to proceed or not.

Generally our fees are:

  • GP consultation £135 to £150
  • GP Referral Letter £30
  • Repeat prescription with consultation £80
  • Repeat prescription without consultation £30
  • Home / Hotel visit: Before 9pm £275, post 9pm £325
  • Consultant Paediatrician £200 per appointment
  • Consultant Psychiatrist £300 p/h
  • Consultant Hand and wrist specialist £300 per appointment
  • Podiatrist £150 per appointment, follow up appointments from £60 – £120
  • Functional medicine practitioner £150 per appointment (minimum 1hr), follow up appointment £120
  • Acupuncture: Please refer to practitioner
  • Osteopathy: Initial consultation £95. Follow up £75
  • Aesthetics please refer to practitioner
  • For all other price enquiries please call the clinic: 0207 589 8776

You can view our fees page here.